Do you live? Do you love? Do you matter?

“Sta jij voor de volledige 100% in het leven? Kan je daarbij helemaal jezelf zijn? Weet je waar je naartoe wilt en hoe je deze doelen kunt bereiken? Wil je echt een verschil maken in deze wereld?” Mijn ideaal is dat iedereen leeft naar zijn talent en plezier beleeft aan elke dag. Compromis-loos en vrij.


“Aylin rules when it comes down to increasing personal happiness! 
Aylin helped me recharge my mental batteries and realign my personal traits, goals and objectives. After a number of sessions with Aylin I feel much, much better with myself. 
Aylin is an expert coach that listens very carefully, subsequently enabling herself to make sharp analyses and to pin point sometimes razor blade questions to the topics at hand. Aylin can make you feel ‘controlled uncomfortable’, but all in the ever-clear context of ultimately benefitting from it by getting to know your inner-self at best and by truly enabling you to work on yourself. As such, Aylin helps you help yourself. 
Aylin amazed me multiple times by engaging into simulations, role play and other exercises that really opened my eyes, in a modern and enlightening fashion. 
I can truly and honestly recommend Aylin to anyone who wishes to take a giant leap on his/her way to happiness. You will not regret it. ”

Business Change Manager / Management Consultant

“Aylin gives you the insights you need and stays focussed on the necessary goals. Personal and caring she remains hands-on and helps you to sort the things out that need to be taken care off. I can highly recommend her.”
Consultant & Interim Manager

“Ik heb een fijn gesprek gehad waarin ik mij heb gerealiseerd dat het vaste contract waar ik zoveel waarde aanhechtte niet zo belangrijk is. Het was een gesprek waar ik even mijn breekpunt heb gehad. “
Coordinator & Planner

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